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  • 7-8, June, 2022
  • Tampere, Finland (Hybrid conference)

A-PATCH project Final Seminar is here! Join other researchers, public authorities and industry partners to network, knowledge sharing, and creative discussions on e-health!

The A-Patch Final Seminar will take place from Tuesday morning 7 June to Wednesday evening 8 June in a beautiful location near Tammerkoski, in Tampere.

Join us on-site or follow the seminar online on YouTube! Use these links to access to YouTube stream:

 Day 1 (Tuesday 7th of June):

Day 2 (Wednesday 8th of June):

Let’s think science together!

In short, A-Patch is a 3 years long research project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme. In A-Patch, we have worked on the development of a point-of-care technology for the diagnosis of tuberculosis. More specifically, we created a sticker patch to be applied for the patient’s arm. Containing a pouch of absorbing material, the patch collects compounds released through the skin.

We will dive into topics related to the world of e-health, tuberculosis, health equity and responsibility of health research and innovation. The event will be a space for open discussion among invited panelists, experts and general attendees who are join the conversation on-site or virtually from different parts of the world.

All sessions of the seminar are open to the public and participation is free of costs.

Can’t make it to the seminar? Don’t worry, the seminar is recorded and we provide an opportunity to watch the recording on YouTube until the 22nd of June 2022!

A-patch final seminar poster

A-Patch consortium meeting
  • 2-3, June, 2020
  • Zoom

A-Patch consortium meeting was planned to be in Finland at the beginning of June, but due to COVID19 it was arranged as Zoom meeting. Nevertheless, we had very fruitful and, as you can see from our smiley faces, very enjoyable meeting. In good company even solving technical, clinical and ethical issues can be fun

Semi Flex 2020
  • 26, February, 2020
  • San Jose, CA, USA

Thin film electronics paves path to connect trillion objects in creating the internet-of-everything –Prashant Agrawal

The 2nd Annual Conference on Chemical Sensors for Wearable Devices 2020
  • 5-6, February, 2020
  • Technion, Haifa, Israel

Tuberculosis detection via a wearable device based on nano-sensors – Rotem Vishinkin and Hossam Haick

A Multifunctional Electronic Skin Empowered with Damage Mapping and Local Acceleration of Self-Healing – Muhammad Khatib and Hossam Haick

CES 2020
  • 06, January, 2020
  • Las Vegas, USA

Human centric wearable technologies for smart health – Charlotte Kjellander

MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibition
  • 1-6 , December, 2019
  • Boston, USA

A Multifunctional Electronic Skin Empowered with Damage Mapping and Autonomic Acceleration of Self-Healing in Designated Locations – Muhammad Khatib, Orr Zohar, Walaa Saliba, and Hossam Haick

  • 21, November, 2019
  • Düsseldorf, Germany

Health patch platform for mobile monitoring of vital signs- Charlotte Kjellander

Review & GA + Board meetings
  • 24-25, October, Belgium
  • Brussels and Leuven

First review meeting and second GA + Board meeting.

EU Workshop on Smart Bioelectronic and Wearable Systems
  • 22-23, October, 2019
  • Brussels, Belgium

A-Patch was introduced during this workshop to the wearable devices community.

Third Annual Seminar on Technology Ethics
  • 23-24, October, 2019
  • Turku, Finland

Digital Health Transformation: Ethical and Social Implications, Giovanna Sanchez Nieminen and Janika Miettinen

European Creative Industry Summit 2019
  • 10-11, September, 2019
  • Helsinki, Finland

Responsibility by Design poster, workshop  presentation and summit poster – Veikko Ikonen, Janika Miettinen, Giovanna Sanchez Nieminen

eWear seminar in Stanford university
  • 28, June, 2019
  • Standford, CA, USA

Thin film ASICs for flexible wearables – Prashant Agrawal

Final PRISMA Conference: Innovation Meets Sustainability & Responsibility
  • 27, June, 2019
  • Brussels, Belgium

Responsibility by Design poster – Veikko Ikonen, Janika Miettinen and Giovanna Sanchez Nieminen

Sensors EXPO & Conference 2019
  • 25, June, 2019
  • San Jose, CA, USA

Thin film electronics for next generation IoT sensors applications – Prashant Agrawal -imec

Nordic science and technology studies conference 2019
  • 13-14, June, 2019
  • Tampere, Finland

Ethical design of technology R&D — experiences from H2020 health technology projects – Janika Miettinen, Minna Kulju and Veikko Ikonen

​The Fifth Annual Conference of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics: Bodies and embodiment
  • 30-31, May 2019
  • Birmingham, UK

Impacts of Digital Health Technologies to Health Equity – Giovanna Sanchez Nieminen & Janika Miettinen, VTT

Stakeholder engagement activities and clinical trial meeting
  • 24-25, September, 2019
  • Riga, Latvia

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the clinical and ethical aspects related to the study. Furthermore, a plan for stakeholder engagement activities was created based on discussion and interviews of doctors and their connections to other TB programs in various countries.



THE A-PATCH GA +Board Meeting, May 2019
  • 15, May, 2019
  • Technion, Haifa, Israel

During 15 mAY 2019, all A-PATCH partners attended the first GA & Board meeting of the project. This was the first meeting face-to-face. During the meeting, each partner presented their progress and future work. during the day, an open discussion was held regarding various topics related to the project as well as risk assessment, in order to synchronize the mutual work of all the partners.  At the end of the day, an RRI workshop was organized by VTT to all the partners.



Wearable Devices for Medical Diagnosis
  • 13-14, May, 2019
  • Technion, Haifa, Israel

The first annual conference on Wearable Devices for Medical Diagnosis was held in Technion during May 2019. Researchers all around the world attended this conference, as well as industry represents, and start-up companies. The conference focus on the detection of vital signs as well as other biomarkers for detection of diseases and health states via wearable devices. A-PATCH partners attended this conference and presented their work in this field.

  • 19-21, March, 2019
  • Munich, Germany

Multi-Functional Soft Sensors with Autonomic Self-Healing Ability – Muhammad Khatib and Hossam Haick

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