Pronat Medical

Pronat Industries is an SME established in 1985 and serves a wide range of industries.  Pronat Medical, a division of Pronat Industries has developed into a highly sophisticated engineering and manufacturing service provider providing custom skin fixation solutions for a wide range of medical device applications. Pronat provides a complete range of expert services to engineering firms, start-ups and large medical companies worldwide.  Pronat Medical is actively involved in the fast-growing market sector of drug delivery fixation solutions, digital health devices and electro- medical diagnostics for a wide range of medical and healthcare applications. This has driven an intense development of multi-layer, critical tolerance laminate construction and die-cut adhesive coated solutions, and a growing demand for self-adhesive electrode patches that we provide in a wide variety of high specification materials. Pronat Medical is a premier converter of adhesive tapes for medical applications, fully accredited for Medical Converting with ISO 13485 and Class 7 & 8 Clean Room facilities. The company also utilizes and develops custom, modular production machinery to provide effective custom production capabilities.

Pronat has a team with considerable experience in product design, project management, logistics and production process engineering. Pronat has been actively involved for many years in the development of a range of significant and complex skin fixation device projects for leading medical device manufacturers including in the mass manufacturing stages. In particular, Pronat has significant experience in the integration of electronics and flexible printed circuits into wearable patches.

Pronat has an ISO 13485 quality system and is regularly audited by customers and notified bodies for regulatory compliance.

Pronat has close working ties and runs development and production projects with leading medical device and pharma companies including Medtronic, Abbott, Philips, WestPharma, GE Healthcare, Flextronics, SanMina and many others.

Paul Rosenstein
VP of Pronat Medical
Paul is an experienced business manager with 25 years’ at Pronat Medical, including 10 years of business development experience in complex manufacturing projects. He is an expert in skin fixation medical device development and manufacturing projects. Paul is dedicated to bringing customers to market as quickly and efficiently as possible, by offering comprehensive support from development through to mass production.
Jacky Younes
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Jacky is experienced practical electronics engineer with 20 years’ experience at Pronat Medical, including 11 years as engineering manager. He’s an expert in electronics and manufacturing process design and is responsible for manufacturing process development of new technology projects in Pronat medical.
Jacky has a wide experience of supporting customers in developing complex medical wearable patch products. Jacky previously worked in the medical surgery laser and transformers industries, including a period as the manager of the gyroscope manufacturing department.
Jeremy Jay Ogus
Project Manager | Robotics Engineer
Jeremy is a Robotics Engineer specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a Project Manager. In his current role, he’s responsible for both semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous RPA projects and solutions for wearable medical device production, which utilize a combination of pneumatic and electrical control. Prior to joining the team at Pronat in 2021, he worked across multiple engineering fields including automotive, mechanical, electronic and HVAC. Jeremy received a BEng and MEng in Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering from the University of Leeds. His contribution to A-PATCH will focus on engineering consulting related to electronics and production.
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