Riviera Waves

RivieraWaves, a French Subsidiary of CEVA since 2014, is now a reference on the WIFI and Bluetooth IP markets. Its IPs are used in a wide range of products: mobile phones, smart home devices, medical devices, sports, entertainment, industrial systems, and wireless sensors amongst others. RivieraWaves provides to semiconductor companies digital blocks, software, modem and radio for integration into ASIC.

CEVA Inc. is the leading licensor of Signal processing platforms and AI processors for a smarter, connected world. We partner with semiconductor companies and OEMs worldwide to create power-efficient, intelligent and connected devices for a range of end markets, including mobile, consumer, automotive, industrial and IoT. Our ultra-low-power IPs for vision, audio, communications, and connectivity include comprehensive DSP-based platforms for LTE/LTE-A/5G baseband processing in handsets, infrastructure and machine-to-machine devices, advanced imaging, computer vision and deep learning for any camera-enabled device, audio/voice/speech and ultra-low power always-on/sensing applications for multiple IoT markets. For connectivity, we offer the industry’s most widely adopted IPs for Bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Dual Mode), Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ac/ax 1×1 up to 4×4) and serial storage (SATA and SAS).

CEVA has more than 300 employees worldwide, with design centers in Israel, Ireland and France, and sales and support offices located in Europe, the U.S. and throughout Asia. To date, more than 9 billion CEVA-powered chips have been shipped worldwide, for a wide range of diverse end markets.

Main tasks attributed in the A-PATCH project:

RW will provide the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi IPs to be used as the connectivity part of the A-Patch. The main tasks attributed to RW in the project include:

  • Lead WP4
  • Participate and contribute to WP1, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP7
  • Participate in project definition of requirements, use cases, and validation metrics
  • Establish product definition for prototype and benchmarking
  • Finalize and deliver the BLE and WiFi IPs
  • Develop and deliver a small form factor board to be used in the prototype stage
  • Participate in the validation of prototype
  • Participate in validation, dissemination, and exploitation of the project
  • Testing at the system level the SoC
Mr. Gary Fleming
Bluetooth Application Engineering Manager
Gary has 20 years experience in Bluetooth development, encompassing software/system design, software development and team management. Prior to the acquisition of Riviera Waves by Ceva Inc in 2014, Gary was the technical lead on Ceva Bluetooth IP development. Before joining Ceva, he was a key member of the Parthus Technologies team which developed Bluetooth IP. Prior to this, he was a founder member of Drua Technologies which developed Bluetooth Protocol stack and 4G protocols. Gary has a B.Eng and M.Eng for the University of Limerick (Ireland).
Mr. Jerome Vanthournout
Bluetooth Program Manager
Jerome has 20 years of experience in WiFi and Bluetooth business taking different position has digital designer, system architect, chip architect, team manager & project manager. Jerome co-founded RivieraWaves in 2009 and worked for NewLogic and Wipro before. He is also a voting member of IEEE 802.11 working group which standardizes the next generations of WiFi. Jerome did an micro-electronic engineering school (ISEN in Lille).

Mr. Shay Adar
Collaborative technology programs, works at CEVA since 2009. Shay has 20 years of experience in the semiconductor sector, in project management and business development roles. Prior to CEVA Shay worked for modu since 2008, and prior to modu he worked at Sandisk as senior PMO, before joining SanDisk he worked at msystems as a business development manager. Shay holds a B.A. in Economics & Management from Ben Gurion University (2000) and an MBA in finance from Ben Gurion Univesity (2003).
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