How our skin smells could be a sign of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that threatens >10 million people annually. Despite advances in TB diagnostics, patients continue to receive an insufficient diagnosis as TB symptoms are not specific. Many existing biodiagnostic tests are slow, have low clinical performance,
Biointerfaced sensors have emerged as a new paradigm for medical applications that require an interface and/or intimate contact with biological components/systems such as cells, tissues, and whole organs. This article provides a review of the concept, design, and device characteristics
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Integrating self‐healing capabilities into soft electronic devices and sensors is important for increasing their reliability, longevity, and sustainability. Although some advances in self‐healing soft electronics have been made, many challenges have been hindering their integration in digital electronics and their
Integrating self‐healing capabilities into soft electronic devices increases their durability and long‐term reliability. Although some advances have been made, the use of self‐healing electronics in wet and/or (under)water environments has proven to be quite challenging, and has not yet been
Recent years have witnessed the thriving progress of flexible and portable electronics, with a very high demand for cost-effective and tailor-made multifunctional devices. Here, we report on an ingenious origami hierarchical sensor array (OHSA) written with conductive ink. Thanks to